The photos to the left are photos of our display and sales booths at the following antique and collectables shows:

Portland Expo - Portland, Oregon
Tacoma Done - Tacoma, Washington
Hillsborough - San Mateo, California
Chicago Pipe & Tobacco - Phesant Run, St. Charles, Illinois

Also displayed are a variety of unique items from our Smoking and Tobacciana collection, including smokers, cigarette dispensers and the very rare Smokerette Radio, made of bakelite and features built-in pipe holders, ashtray and covered trays to hold smoking accessories.

We have been dealers / collectors of tobacciana and smoking collectables for more than 20 years. It all began when my wife, (while shopping for antiques), discovered a stacked teapot with a royal seal or crest on the side. When she lifted the cover, out popped an array of cigarettes. The teapot was used in the Victorian Era to disguise the cigarettes that were not fashionable for ladies at the time. This started a determined effort to find other dispensers and tobacco related items.

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We traveled across the USA and Europe looking for ashtrays, cigar holders and cigar cutters, snuff boxes, match holders and match strikers. We found our first cigar companion set, (shortened to "smoke sets") in Europe.

Smoke sets were immensely popular in Europe, before the turn of the century. They were made of majolica, terra cotta, porcelain, yelloware, cast metal and salt glazed yelloware. The smoking companion sets were very decorative and had compartments for cigars, matches, ashtray and burned matches.

Tobacco humidors, for pipe smoking tobacco were largely made of the same materials, like majolica and porcelain. Floor standing humidors were a popular item for the smoking room where the men retired to after dinner to enjoy a smoke, be it, cigar, cigarette or pipe while wearing their smoking jackets and hats.

We also acquired a large variety of lighters, as well as smoking jackets and smoking hats. Prior to the 1860s, cigars were bundled and tied with a silk ribbon imprinted with the name or logo of the manufacturer. These cigar ribbons were collected and sewn together to make cigar ribbon smoking jackets, cigar ribbon silk bedspreads, pillow cases and cigar ribbon table cloths.


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